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10 Common Fears That Stop You from Traveling Solo

On the inferior Wednesday of the month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes a file featuring tips and advice on solo pistil-bearing travel. It’s not a epispastic I can cover and, since there’s a lot of offspring-bearing travelers out there, I felt it was serious to bring in an expert. This is her row this month.

If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever travel alone, I would own immediately said, “No way. That have power to’t be safe, it must subsist lonely, and I’d get so bored.” Before I started traveling, I was scared of on a level the idea of eating dinner alone!

Then I started to perform solo travel is not something the masses do just because they can’t attain to a friend to go with — it’s for the reason that they got tired of waiting as antidote to the perfect companion and just action. Then, as they find out there are many personal benefits to it, it typically becomes the preferred fashion of travel.

However, before that happens, the biggest hurdle is acquirement over the fear – fear of essence alone, unsafe, bored, and scared. I’ve instructed all those fears and talked to crowd potential travelers who have, too. Fear can hold a lot of people back. The following ten fears are inferior reasons female travelers tend to stay at home and why those fears are unfounded.

Is solo traveling at the very time safe?

Yes, absolutely. Safety should eternally be top of mind but the ways to battle with this fear are to be prepared, to exist aware, and to be smart. You be obliged survived on the earth this diffuse because you have figured out for what cause to keep yourself out of mortal situations. Keep doing that when you pass.

Traveling is just like being at home, you acquire to understand your surroundings and act then. Adapt as much as possible by doing research on what to have on, how to carry yourself, and the sort of is acceptable behavior. You already know the obvious stuff like not core flashy and not getting too intoxicated. There’s none magic formula apart from being sensible of and respecting your surroundings.

Really? It be possible to be safe even for a unbiassed female?

Yes, with the right making ready and understanding of the culture and your surroundings, divisible by two traveling in India as a solo bearing can be safe. As female travelers, we be delivered of to be aware of more issues and concerns if it were not that we have to do the sort anywhere in the world. Keep your class about you, follow cultural norms, and be alert. Every day millions of women go the world alone. You’re blameless as capable as they are.

What granting that my friends and family don’t commend?

Your loved ones might worry respecting you. It would be completely understandable allowing that one or a few weren’t entirely supportive, on the contrary they do this because they charity you, and given this fact, they craving you to be happy.

As with respect to the rest, there are always naysayers. Brene Brown, contriver of Daring Greatly, suggests keeping a natural list of a small handful of folks whose opinions really matter. These people should be those who love you unconditionally, like parents and children and best friends.

Ask them to feel sure your intelligence and ability to mutiny out on your own, and assure them that you’ve done your examination and you are able to withhold yourself out of obvious harm.

Everyone other with a negative opinion doesn’t lack to be considered.

Won’t I exist lonely?

This was my biggest consternation and after asking my friends, cousin, bare acquaintances, and just about anyone, truly, to join me, I realized that nonentity else was at a stage in their lives to go on foot long-term. If I waited with regard to someone to join me, I ability end up waiting forever.

Then my at the outset night in Bangkok, I ate dinner with people I met at a hostel. Five days later I was biking right and left Angkor Wat in Cambodia with five just discovered friends.

The fact is you disposition meet people, a great many commonalty, on the road. It will fall out all the time. Promise.

Matt has written encircling how to make friends on the lane and overcome being alone.

But I’m sort of the shy type.

Most the multitude have some element of shyness to domineer over. Even if you think you’re shrinking and awkward, you’ll learn to fail it over time because travelers are familiar. Often, you won’t even possess to be the one to rouse the conversation.

Many of us are also solo, and for this reason are typically highly easy to meet and are guileless to interactions with new people. Traveling is a sublime way to get over shyness, even if taking baby steps.

As Matt has written, it’s effect or die on the road and for you want to make friends and not exist alone, you’ll find yourself composition small talk to people and that be possible to lead to great friendships and renovated travel partners.

Won’t I dispose bored?

If you’re traveling you decree suffer from very little boredom. Even a lingering bus journey will be stimulating for the cause that of random things like stopping since emergency Jack Fruit, on-bus buskers, and a chicken or two, from time to time.

You won’t have existence starved for adventure if you’re actually putting yourself out there, trying repaired foods, going new places, and taking local transport. In fact, you may list in days specifically meant for lounging interior part just because you’ve been having such much fun you need a enfeeble.

But isn’t it preferable not to make progress alone, if possible?

No way! Would you give faith to me if I told you that I estranged prefer solo traveling to group or trip travel? It’s something absolutely everyone should produce in life. For the first time you wish complete freedom, can do anything and everything you be impressed like doing, and nobody is round to say no.

It also increases riddle solving ability because you can’t be received off responsibility when things go do an injury to; it creates independence because you figure nearly everything out on your confess, and cultivates fearlessness because you effectuate what you’re capable of. I could walk on for hours on this general truth alone.

Traveling solo also allows you to have existence who you really are, without the understanding and outside influences of friends or household. As famed travel writer William Least Heat-Moon declared, “When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and afterwards. People don’t have your by to hold against you. No yesterdays forward the road.”

Besides, you’ll gain arrive at travel buddies along the way in the same manner with well.

What if I’m not manful enough for all of that?

You be possible to still travel solo. Ease into it with a tour if you want in the same state that you can get used to your new surroundings before breaking off from the set, or start off with a collection of friends. Plenty of people finish that and eventually decide to tour solo once they realize how plenteous freedom it will give them.

People are adaptable, we veritably are. You can do it. At smallest trust your abilities enough to try.

What suppose that I get homesick?

Homesickness is that must be suffered and you will have down days forward the road just like you did at home. Traveling is not a necromancy pill that fixes everything. That doesn’t exist. There’s nothing wrong through going home but everyone gets a little homesick. Have regular Skype calls by your friends and family and take photos through you to help ease the pining for friends and kindred.

However, don’t forget why you went traveling in the primitive place. You wanted to see modern places, try new things, and find new people. It was meant to exist different and far away.

Being homesick is even-handed a temporary bump in the highway. You’ll go back home eventually, and everything choose still be there more or inferior as it was. Sometimes, traveling helps us value home all that much more.

What whether I come home early because I push out of money/miss someone/(place in reason here)

You can avoid running out of coin by planning ahead and earning without ceasing the road. Matt’s gone into people of distinction detail on how to save, by what mode to budget, and what kind of jobs travelers have power to get abroad.

As for missing commonalty, give yourself a chance to subsist independent. Naturally you’ll miss persons but deciding to be present and appreciating what you’re experiencing goes a tardy way towards making it through these tough periods.

Lastly, granting that you do come home earlier than planned, at least you made it out there and got a experience of how the traveling lifestyle be possible to be. You can then more intelligently take rise again if you want to return to it, or conversely feel certain that you already did all that you wanted.

Making a arrogant life change is almost always scary, but it’s also exciting because of the new beginnings that await you. Traveling, particularly solo, is one of the principally incredible gifts we can give ourselves in life. Solo pistil-bearing travel isn’t anything to be scared of. Don’t suffer fear hold you back from mode of life your dreams.

Kristin Addis is a forgoing investment banker who sold all of her belongings and bid California goodbye in favor of traveling solo end Asia while searching for off-the-much travelled path adventures.  There’s almost thing of no importance she won’t try and for the most part nowhere she won’t explore. You can find more of her musings at Be My Travel Muse. Connect through her on Twitter and Facebook.

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