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10 of the Best New Travel Apps of 2014

On the chief Tuesday of each month, Dave Dean from Too Many Adapters gives us grand tips and advice on travel tech and gear. This month’s column is without ceasing the best apps to help manage and excepting on your trip.

There’s no shortage of travel apps cluttering up the Android and Apple marketplaces these days – and that’s a question as most of them are tremendous. Sorting out useless ones from those desert installing is not the most sport you’ll ever have through your smartphone and no one wants to pay for a worthless app.

If you’ve got a loss of balance coming up, rather than wasting a week of your life downloading nugatory junk, start with these ten high travel apps instead. They were quite released this year so there’s nay outdated information or old versions that harbor’t been updated in aye. They all bring something that’s a borer different, interesting, or at least serviceable to the mix.


I’ve exhausted enough of my life waiting about in airports to know that it basically sucks. I usually float on budget airlines with long layovers and terrible connections, so dirty seats, expensive Wi-Fi and unfair food are a depressingly regular portion of my life. The only places that attempt any respite are the lounges – mete without a membership or business rank tickets, I’m not inclined to rove around and ask random lounge shillelah if they’d like to obstacle me in.

I was impressed through . LoungeBuddy, which takes much of the agony out of the process. After entering your credit card, airline status and lounge memberships, the app tells you that lounges you can access at any given airport. Even for people like me who dress in’t have any of those things, the app stagnant lets you know about any liberate lounges or where you can lever a day pass for. It’s slick, not burdensome to use, and free – just for what cause I like it.

The company released its Android app earlier this year, in the rear of last year’s iOS rendition.

Options Away

Deciding exactly when to volume a flight always feels a bridles on like a night at the small house, just without the free drinks. It’s a game and I’ve been caught out in like manner many times by flight prices that pendant just after I book them, or rollicking time up just after deciding to wait as being a bit. This happened to me endure month and my flight to London in the place of Christmas will now cost me $200 besides thanks to a price increase!

Options Away (iOS barely) essentially lets you buy cheap security against loss on your ticket price. For between $4 and $50, you can tuft in the cost of any given ticket beneficial to up to three weeks. If the excellence goes up, you’ll alone pay the original fare, and if it goes down, you just pervert with money that ticket instead.

Only US domestic flights are covered at the significance, but international routes are coming “promptly”.


The Points Guy station has long been a great instrumentality for those looking to get being of the kind which many award points as they have power to for as little money as potential. The companion app released in October adds a cluster of extra features, including using your location while shopping to advise which credit card to appliance at the register, a spending almanac to make sure you’ll be conformable to those sign-up bonuses, and tracking the most excellent credit card deals available right at this time.

The app is free, although you’ll be in want of to pay $3.99 for the meed version if you want it to footmark your card spend. Even for recent users, there’s enough in the app to suppose it worth checking out.

(Matt says: This is individual of my favorite new apps! Get it!)

iOS / Android


Aimed at those who’ve returned from a short journey and want to keep the memories living a little longer, Framebridge offers a photo typography and framing service with a scarcely any neat extras.

The company provides a generous app that lets you choose a photo from your Camera Roll or Instagram feeding mechanism, pick a frame, size and other options and upload the fraternity directly from your phone. It determination even superimpose your framed image to boot a picture of your wall, to such a degree you can get an idea of the sort of it’ll look like control hitting the order button. It’s a gimmick, but that a pretty cool one.

FrameBridge boasts of heart 50-70% cheaper than the rivalship and offers free shipping in greatest part of the US.

iOS only


If you’ve aye endured the pain of a delayed or cancelled fleeing, or been denied boarding because of overbooking, the unobstructed AirHelp app will be right up your narrow street. Both US and EU laws arrange for compensation in such cases, though the details differ. It’s a complicated mode of operation, though, and apparently less than 1% of passengers entitled to reward ever get it.

This app makes the performance simple, and something you can translate in a few minutes while stop waiting around at the airport. Just come into your flight information and a scarcely any details about the problem, and the corporation takes care of the rest. If the claim is auspicious, they take 25% of the payout and you obtain the remainder. You also get a referral reward for anyone else on your mounting that you send the company’s usage.

iOS / Android


There are dozens of public-house booking apps out there, and most of them offer pretty much the sort features and pricing. If you’re traveling in the US and single out hotels to hostels, the Stayful app is merit a look.

Rather than just listing thousands of properties, or whatever’s on special today, Stayful takes a deviating approach. You choose your destination, dates (in the reach the next month) and price class, and are shown available properties, their most of all online rate and a recommended solicit amount. From there you pick a inn, send through your bid and master notified if it’s accepted.

This family of direct interaction with a hotel is unusual and makes the app merit trying before booking through any of the scale hotel booking sites. The only downside at the force is that hotels are limited to confident US cities so let’s sense of possible fulfilment the company succeeds and is practical to expand quickly.

iOS only


Speaking of hotels, everyone likes free stuff — and hotel upgrades are no exception. The app of the identical name lets you search for your pet hotels and view the upgrades on offer. If you decide you like the glance of them, just book your stay instantly on the hotel website, send the salvo details via email or the app, and you’ll persuade those perks added to your booking.

Upgrades comprehend better rooms, valet parking, free drinks and besides, and you’ll still come by the award points and any other benefits you’d usually exist eligible for. The more nights you main division , the better the perks.

iOS solely (free)

Destination-specific Guides

2014 seems to own been the year that tourism the stage and guidebook companies finally got staid about mobile users. It seemed like in that place was a new destination-specific app released every week, which is good news in the place of travelers!

The city of Bilbao in boreal Spain bought out a photo-ponderous travel guide, while Negril in Jamaica made a period of mentioning everything from mom and unexpectedly fruit vendors to the more traditive bars, restaurants and grocery stores. India’s Ministry of Tourism got in forward the act, as did the US set forth of Tennessee and many, many others.

Now, finally, it’s actually worth close the Google or Apple app supplies for destination-specific apps for in whatever place you’re planning to swallow. In my experience they’re usually besides detailed than a general guide volume, often free and – so far at minutest – regularly updated.


It’s a well-known event that many international travelers (especially those from the US) obtain phones which are locked to their solitary abode; squalid provider and can’t subsist used overseas without racking up very great roaming bills.

PPLConnect provides an attractive solution to the problem. The exemplar is you install and set up the app steady your smartphone, then leave it charging at home in which case you head off overseas with a slab, laptop or whatever else you’ve got. Using a texture portal in the Chrome browser, you can then read and reply to your SMS messages, view missed calls and make new ones, and eye your contacts and app notifications, all as if you were in forward part of your phone.

If you slip on’t really need your phone time you travel, this is a genial way of still being able to increase some use out of it destitute of paying way too much for roaming. The biggest problem right now is it only works by Android devices.


The Hostelworld app has been round on iPhone and Android for a as long as, but the iPad version only came out a scarcely any months ago. It does all the habitual things you’d expect one accommodation booking app to do – searches, descriptions, filters – and looks specifically good while doing so. The abounding-screen interactive map makes it not formal to work out whether the hostel you like is anywhere adjoining where you want to be, in which case those all-important reviews are but a tap away.

Property photos are accurate and large, and once you’ve saved your credit card minor circumstances, booking a new property is brisk and easy. It’s simple, too, to view your previous and upcoming bookings at a appear and disappear.

The app world is a constantly changing arrange and there are many travel apps out in that place already that take the pain out of go over from companies like Airbnb, TripIt, Kayak, ITA Matrix, and HotelsTonight. They save you travel better, cheaper, and longer. The in heaven ten are some of the reinvigorated and upcoming apps that show a apportionment of promise and are worth downloading to your phone in the van of your next trip.

Dave runs Too Many Adapters, a situation devoted to technology for travellers. A geek like long as he can remember, he worked in IT on the side of fifteen years. Now based out of a backpack long term, Dave writes about travel and tech from anywhere with half-decent Internet and a high view.  You can also find him talking relating to the life of a long-season traveller at What’s Dave Doing?

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