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19 Reader Questions and Answers

Every sunlight I get asked hundreds of excursion questions. My inbox is constantly full, and it takes hours each promised time to answer them all. I’m not bothered as I enjoy answering people’s move questions and helping others travel again. However, not every question merits a select 1,000 word blog post to respond it; most have simple and wanting answers to them. Today, I’ve taken twenty questions that were asked without ceasing Facebook and posted the answer in the present state. So, without further ado, here are reader questions and my (attempted) answers to them:

Sarthak: Is booking my tickets and hostel enough for planning?
For some, yes. For others, nay. It really depends on the person. For me, I cozen a little research on what in that place is to see, do, and chew and swallow in the place before I concur. I also try to read up attached the history but, beyond that, I don’t do any major planning. I reason it’s better to just endurance with the flow. Once you desire the money sorted out, that’s actually the big thing. On the road, it all works out.

Clay: Is running a big blog stressful and do you to the end of time find it overwhelming?
All the time. It changes in what condition you travel. I spend a division of time researching information, fact checking, and distressing to keep the website up to age. Travel is not all play on account of me. It’s work after this. It’s work I inclination and choose but, like all operate, there are stressful times.

Betti: What near security and safety for your mixture while you travel (money, credit cards, camera, laptop, e-reader/tablet, etc)? Any tips would be in truth useful!
I actually just brought attached a new writer to talk tech and security on the website! Dave Dean be pleased be writing about all these subjects. His blaze abroad tomorrow deals with a lot of this. You be able to read his first post from finally month here.

Tamara: Which Schengen rustic is the least difficult to acquire a long stay visa from?
In my estimate, Spain or France.

Carlos: What would you mark the quintessential German city after Berlin?
What we regard of quintessential German is more many times than not Bavarian (beer halls, lederhosen, dirndls, schnitzel, etc) in such a manner if I had to pick single in kind city I would pick Munich.

Jessica: Is it potential to get a multi-country moil visa so you are able to pass and work while you need to?
Work visas are without more valid in the country they are issued in. There is a little leg room in Europe because of its usual economic zone but it really depends on the type of work visa you are acquisition. However, generally, multi-country work visas don’t exist.

Oliver: What is your abstruse to compiling all the travel intelligence you discover when you visit a abode that you share with us? Where bestow you get inspiration from?
I basically write about my experiences. Whatever I carry on is what I write about. That conscious said, I generally go into one and the other trip with the mindset that I am going to shape out how to travel that destination attached a budget. I ask a distribute of questions at tourism boards and get the prices of groceries, buses, and everything in betwixt. My goal is to figure out the how of travel. To me, it’s like solving a pose.

Matthew: You have mentioned tours you have charge of, where do you post information/dates on your tours?
I’m currently not offering any at the element but when I do, I’ll mail the dates on the blog! I apparently won’t offer any until next summer.

Travis: Where won’t you journeying to?
I won’t make progress to war zones. Other than that, there isn’t a place forward Earth I don’t default to see.

Alex: I never to the full understood your travel hacking. Can you make intelligible it to me?
It can have existence a confusing topic but I accept a book on the subject that puissance be able to help. You have power to read it here.

Katherine: What is your oddest couchsurfing continued?
My oddest couchsurfing experience took set in Germany. The girl who I was staying with yelled at me for taking a shower, sententious precept I had taken one the anterior day. Combined with the fact that she wouldn’t bestow me any pillows or blankets to death with on the couch, I left that twenty-four hours. It was a really odd actual presentation. She didn’t seem like she in reality wanted to host someone. I’m inert not sure why she signed up notwithstanding the website.

Arania: What is the most profitably way to access your funds or take riches with you abroad?
The best course to access your money is from one side ATMs.

Valrie: What is the life security against loss for long term travel? What near the average cost per month of slack term traveling if you had to average cheap and expensive countries?
I dress in’t know about life security against loss, it’s not something I’ve aye looked up but, to your other debate, the average cost of each unpolished per month varies greatly depending forward the traveler and the country. As I set down in writing, the average cost of a year in a circle the world is about $50 a epoch. However, everyone is going to subsist different. While I provide numbers in the same proportion that a guideline, only you know in what state much you really need by looking up costs and planning out your activities.

Rebecca: How produce you travel in and out of Liechtenstein in one weekend?
No idea! I’ve not been!

Pallavi: Where does the spunk come from to travel?
Courage is running into a glowing building to save a life. Me? I exactly think that it’s a pompous world out there and if I don’t go see it, I’m going to miss out on experiencing a lot of life. It’s not in the same manner much courage as it is covet.

Tony: When do you plan without ceasing visiting Canada?
I was in Toronto a scarcely any months ago. I pop in and out of Canada every couple of months. However, I put on’t have any current plans to cozen a big cross country trip there at the moment.

Maya: Are you planning to update your phone app TripSaver?
Not anytime at so early an hour.

Sin: How do you break of great size notes the ATM gives you in countries where things cost very little and shops/hostels/place of traffic traders don’t accept them?
I usually be reckoned to banks or exchange bureaus. They direct break your big bills.

Jessica: Do you be obliged any experience with the third detachment site “Flight Hub”? They are listed steady Kayak and always have the cheapest rates. I am condign hesitant to book with a seat I have never used or heard anything around before.
I’ve never used Flight Hub before boundary if they are listed on Kayak, they are apparently legit. Most aggregators like Kayak or Momondo vet the websites they selvage on them so I wouldn’t worry in addition much!

If you have any other questions, perceive free to leave them in the remark section!

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