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A Houston Home Combines French Country with American Estate Style

A Houston Home Combines French Country through American Estate Style

December 06, 2014


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“I give faith to in blending styles and centuries to compound it up and get the best of both worlds,” says inner part designer Katie Stassi-Scott of the Houston home she fashioned in favor of owners Ally and Korsh Jafarnia and their three children. When the man and wife began searching for a new extension in 2008—after a hurricane damaged their former ranch-style building—they realized they wanted a person of consequence more modern with plenty of flimsy. They also needed it to be kid-friendly yet elegant enough against entertaining: an easy feat for Scott’s genius mix-master skills.

“We hold a high-traffic house,” says Ally, who tapped architect Ken Newberry and builder Christopher Sims to occasion the new structure. The result: a even, contemporary style that Newberry describes to the degree that a blend of French country and American order-style architecture. “The traditional, understated out side belies the fresh interior finishes, that take full advantage of the not concise natural light,” says Sims.

A myriad of wide windows, vaulted ceilings in the breakfast field and master bedroom, and faintly fornicated doorways and family room niches or “eyebrow arches,” of the same kind with the architect refers to them, “moderate the hard lines of the modern design of the home and bear in more traditional shapes.” The floor delineation encourages circulation, and each room serves a purpose or which Newberry describes as a magnet that pulls populate into the spaces.

Answering her clients’ ask for a stylish yet family-familiar home, Scott’s distinct amalgamate of furnishings places period pieces that shoot more contemporary elements and add a belong to of history. Tall, shapely candleholders through a patina lend an air of ancient manners and customs to the contemporary living room, in which case an organic Murano glass chandelier hovers over Art Deco-style chairs and a glass-topped synopsis in the dining room. With her selective mix of classic pieces in fresh styles and fabrics, the designer keeps the appropriate of the house both sophisticated and that happens by chance.

For the color scheme, Ally envisioned full amounts of blues and grays from top to toe. Scott fulfilled this requirement yet catered it to the race’s more energetic disposition. “I envisioned affair that better matched their personality: vibrant and spirited yet with a contrariety of more sophisticated tones,” says the designer. The issue is a palette dominated by varying despondency, grays and neutrals with bold shots of gloss over, which not only add a youthful shaking, but, when used on upholstery, besides help modernize the more traditional pieces.

An pattern of this pairing can be seen in the mode of life room, where Scott reupholstered a French canape&subtle;—purchased in New Orleans—in refulgent delphinium blue; it’s after this the focal point of the duration. The canape´’s cashmere textile product adds yet another texture to the chamber, which includes silk draperies and a effrontery-and-glass vintage coffee table. Even the walls and ceilings are clad in subtly pigmented stucco—blue-gray here and in the dining stead; soft white for the family play and throughout the first floor. “I lover when a client requests plaster,” says Scott. “It makes everything else so beautiful.”

Scouring her three favorite places for furnishings—Houston, New Orleans and California—because well as online at 1stdibs, Scott says that then starting a room, she begins with a piece “that presses on my heart. If that’s some antique, I need to look at things that are greater quantity modern to help balance it out.” The tribe room’s antique Louis XVI-phraseology daybed cloaked in black velvet, against example, looks right at home by a custom iron-and-glass coffee index from Peck & Company.

The commercial establishment has been abuzz with activity from that time the family moved in. The kids delight in sitting at the kitchen’s lingering countertop with friends, the adults unobstructed up their house for casual dinners, and smooth the grounds are put to valuable use with Korsh coaching sports in the backyard. Says Ally, “If I had to bring about it over, I wouldn’t vary a single thing.”