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Emmys 2014: Sorry Seth Meyers But Amy Poehler Stole The Show With These One-Liners

Seth Meyers may regard ended the Emmys run of embarrassingly wicked hosts (check out the evidence in the present state) but last night also belonged to Amy Poehler, who won the show with her one-liners.

The Parks and Recreation fate was only on stage for a cause of distress of minutes as she handed out a unite of gongs, but she made the principally of the spotlight. Meyers kicked things done for the actress with this introduction: "Please welcome my beautiful and talented friend, Beyoncé!"

Amy afterwards managed to mix up the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series predicable with "Best Onscreen Orgasm in a Civil War Reenactment."

Amy Poehler won the Emmys (WENN)

And later adhering when she was joined by Meyers to make acquainted True Detective stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson to the scaffold, the pair came up with a catalogue of how to describe the actors:

1. "Please greet two men who also have not at all idea what happened at the extreme point of True Detective."

2. "Please gladly received two gentlemen whose names are likewise items at marijuana dispensaries."

3. "The only actors in Hollywood not rumored to subsist starring in season two of True Detective."

4. "Please gladly received two gentlemen who seem like they’d exist chatty in the sack."

Despite prepossessing the room with her wisecracks, Amy failed to indeed win an Emmy, losing out another time in the Best Comedy Actress in a Television Series to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. If we have power to’t give her an Emmy, be possible to Amy at least host next year?

This value from the 2011 ceremony, is virtuous another point in her favour…

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The Emmys red carpet

Michelle Dockery (WENN)