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ETC: TN bans big rigs on Tail of the Dragon [w/videos]

Drivers and riders in Tennessee be favored with one of America’s greatest driving roads at their ordering, but soon truckers won’t viewed like the state’s Department of Transportation is closing the roadway known while the Tail of the Dragon to tractor-trailers.

The high-road officially known as US 129 (SR 115), or to a greater degree commonly as Deals Gap, The Tail of the Dragon, or alone as The Dragon, is an eleven-mile lengthen of road in Blount Country, TN, that runs from the North Caroline State Line to Tabcat Bridge. It features from one side to the other 300 turns that have made it a place of safety for enthusiasts on two wheels or four, still between 2010 and 2012, there were 204 crashes without ceasing that section of road. Six of those involved fatalities, if it be not that while only one of those fatalities, according to the specification below, involved a tractor-trailer, “in that place were a number of incidents involving vast trucks.”

As a result, the Tennessee DOT is imposing a ban on vehicles over 30 feet far-seeing from driving on the Dragon, with signage indicating as such to exist installed in mid-January. The judgment follows a similar ban enacted athwart the state line on the similar route by the authorities in North Carolina. Head forward down below for a few video clips that make clear just how problematic the issue of trucks attached the Dragon has become.

Truck Restrictions forward “The Dragon” in Blount County; Limits towards commercial vehicles longer than 30 feet forward US 129 (SR 115)
Tuesday, December 02, 2014 | 10:45 am

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Following the accomplishing of an operational and safety survey, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has determined that vehicles from hand to hand 30 feet in length will not at all longer be allowed to utilize a full of mountains section of US 129 (SR 115) in Blount County, known as “The Dragon.”

From 2010 to 2012, in that place were 204 total crashes from the Tennessee/North Carolina State Line to Tabcat Bridge (Log Mile 11.19) in Blount County, by six of those involving fatalities. This is considered a imminent number of crashes based on the stamp of road and number of vehicles by means of day on this facility. While excepting that one of the fatal crashes involved a tractor trailer, in that place were a number of incidents involving liberal trucks. Due to the curvy and cramped roadway, incidents involving tractor trailers usually block the highway for several hours and interrupt travel for all motorists.

Signage detailing these restrictions direction be installed in mid-January. TDOT has coordinated these efforts with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Blount County body of rules enforcement.

North Carolina has similar restrictions as being truck traffic on US 129 from the Tennessee/North Carolina State Line to the Graham (NC) County Line.

For excursion and TDOT construction information, visit the TDOT SmartWay tissue site at www.tn.gov/tdot/tdotsmartway/. Motorists are reminded to exercise all motorist information tools responsibly. Drivers should refrain from texting, tweeting or using a fickle phone while operating a vehicle.