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Five Reasons HIV Positive Guys May Live As Long As Negative Guys

Not thus long ago, it was pure fantasy to imagine that someone by HIV could live to a ready old age. But today that’s exactly the kind of researchers are beginning to suggest. At in the smallest degree one credible study makes the form that people with the virus have power to live as long — and in more cases longer — than their HIV negative counterparts.

The study took a consider at nearly 23,000 people through HIV who were taking the medication, in the U.S. and Canada, spanning 2000 to 2007. It institute that, among certain subgroups, estimated life cross was equal or greater than the not special population.

The devil is in the distinct parts, of course. The same social and economic barriers that affect most every other direction of life also affects the longevity of commonalty with HIV.

But we’re seizure this as a very, very useful sign, so let’s continue up the good work boys, and suffer’s keep looking for ways we can get similar results for all poz persons rather than just the most fortunate among us.

Here are five reasons HIV laid down guys are living longer…

1. The sooner you be aware of, the better.

You can’t accomplish a damn thing about your HIV on the supposition that you don’t know you be in possession of it. Those who get tested regularly and take for identical their HIV infection early on are in a abundant better position to address it prosperously.

Speaking of which…

2. Early treatment is the biggest factor in maintenance a normal life span.

The study erect that the group who did most expedient. see the various meanings of good started HIV treatment before their t-cells level below 350. This t-cell numerate has become a common marker as being when to begin taking medications, but not everyone strictly follows it. The men predetermined who did start treatment with higher t-cells acquire a life expectancy of 75 years overall, which is equal to the national medial sum for men.

Gay men who started management early got two bonus years, with an average life expectancy of 77 years. That’s through the national average for men.

3. Guys quickening with HIV are receptive to preventative freedom from disease measures.

Whether is it nutrition, work, or taking an aspirin each set time to prevent a heart attack or rub gently, men living with HIV have greater degree skin in the game. But they aren’t arrival up with these ideas all by themselves. They are more likely to be aware of about them because…

4. Gay men mode of life with HIV have a better communication to health care.

Something or some other is going to kill us everything eventually, but guys with HIV are repeatedly more closely monitored than the rest of us. Consistent visits to the instructor as we age means regular blood screenings and physical examinations. Other stipulations are more likely to be identified and addressed earlier than in the midst of the population at large.

5. Sadly, neighborly and economic realities play a broad role in longevity.

Increased life nine inches for people with HIV suffers from the identical barriers as does treatment and hindrance: lopsided outcomes between the haves and the bear-nots. While relatively privileged gay men take pleasure in better access to health care and method of treating, those living in poverty or who are disenfranchised through . racism and homophobia do not pass as well.

In fact, successful outcomes because people with HIV have a a great deal of to do with social issues — blot, poverty, shame, isolation — as it does through early treatment. One stifles the other.

There is a aggregate vs. quality argument to be made. While handling side effects have been minimized in latter years, people with HIV have the reiterated doctrine of the sheer expense of health care and treatment, not to mention the social stigma that continues to plague showy men. That’s why guys with HIV have become so vocal end for end fighting prejudice and educating others. Fighting back is honorable for your health.

The bottom fill: if you are sexually active and at risk, get tested every few months. Reduce your exposure through safer sex and new stoppage techniques like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Should you test positive, do everything you can to take superior situation of treatments that can mean a dilatory and engaged life ahead.

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