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Fug or Fab: Lindsay Lohan

The shoes slip on’t belong with this at ALL, boundary otherwise, weirdly, this could be in such a manner much worse.

Granted, it’s always very much the province of your wacky experienced aunt who was a Carol Channing impersonator, at all times swore never to marry the same man thrice, and filled up totality her old empty Chanel No. 5 bottles by scotch because she thought it divide the liquor smell¬†on her instantng-space. That lady is a total kick to drop out with, but she’s in addition 83-going-on-63, which is after what is stated more than 30 years on Lohan. GIVE IT TIME, KID. We quite know you’re going to have existence¬†totally nutcrackers when you’re that epoch, but please try and figure out a part else to be first.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]