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Harvey Weinstein Reveals Harry Styles Turned Down Major Hollywood Role Opposite Ex-Girlfriend Cara Delevingne

As grant that Harry Styles could be any bigger than he before that time is, legendary movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is dead contrive on making the 1D hunk a humungous movie destiny, insisting that the X Factor libertine has “definite star potential”.

We’re not going to debate with you there! In fact, it turns out Harvey’s before that time offered Harry the leading role in candid one of the truckload of projects he’s probably got on the go, starring in of the present day flick Tulip Fever.

However, crushing without ceasing our dreams of seeing Harry back forward the big screen, the chart-eminent singer actually turned down the role and we wish a feeling it may well be obliged been something to do with the pellicle’s leading lady.


Harry turns below the horizon role alongside ex Cara Delevingne (Patrick Hoffman/WENN)

Starring alongside Hazza, or at least would be seized of been starring alongside him, is Cara Delevingne – Harry’s detestable supermodel ex! And the mega agriculturist revealed that the pair would receive been kissing from the get spirit, smooching in the film’s commencement scene.

Spilling all the details to The Mail Online, Harvey related: “I’m sure Harry won’t have existence turning down the next role I essay him. The part ended up going to Matthew Morrison and suffer me tell you this, the exceedingly first scene he shot was common of him kissing Cara Delevingne.

“Harry’s like Errol Flynn, he’s got that swashbuckling bewitch. Definite star potential. I think he’d have existence great. No question."

Cara Delevingne to destiny in Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Tulip Fever’ (Lia Toby/WENN)  

Well, we’re stable Cara doesn’t mind planting for Glee’s Matthew Morrison. It’s a painful life, eh Cara?

Harry’s missed opportunity would have seen the Little Things chart-topper asterisk alongside Dame Judi Dench, Alicia Vikander, Holliday Grainger, Christophe Waltz and Zack Galifanakis in the fictitious tale, set for release next year.

Let’s fair hope Harvey’s right and Harry won’t be turning down the next role he offers him. Besides he’s WAY also busy touring the planet with his One Direction bond mates to even watch an unalloyed movie let alone star in human being!

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Although if Simon Cowell’s recent comments end for end the boyband prevail, maybe he’ll accept a few more hours in the set time in the next couple of years succeeding the X Factor judge recently predicted the manacle could part ways after another two albums.

"Bands dress in’t stay together forever,” he told the Daily Star.

"I purpose that they will make at smallest two more albums, and they’re in the medial of one right now."

If it revenue seeing Harry supersized on the peaceful screen that may well be a sacrifice we’re willing to raise!

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Sterling Beaumon (WENN)