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Hollywood Film Awards Fug or Fab: Angelina Jolie in Versace

Angie in the present life looks exhausted. Unbroken is coming out forward Christmas Day, and I wonder admitting that she’s been locked off in an edit bay or in a perfect mix, or something, trying to generate that sucker in ship-shape in such a manner that she gets a bunch of adjudication nominations.

The gentleman with her plays Louis Zamperini in the movie, by the way. He looks nice and seems unfazed by having Angelina on his arm, and won a New Hollywood Award, that is interesting given that I put on’t know if anyone’s actually SEEN this film yet and I suspense he got it for 300: Rise of an Empire.

ANYHOO: Angie’s dispose is so simple that I would’ve guessed it was Calvin Klein. There aren’t stingily enough metal or cutouts for me to gain pegged it as Versace — and in real existence, it’s custom, so that’s in all probability why. (But at that point, why would Versace want to custom-tend a dress that looks like it’s through . someone else? All press is righteousness press, I guess?) Also, the manufactured cloth is actually sort of woolen and corporate, like you’d notice in a very nice suit, or a CK or haply even Boss Woman line:

It doesn’t in truth show in the full shot, that is a shame, because I mean the choice of fabric is in fact essential to whether you like the arrange. Not being able to discern that from the lengthy-shot is like being asked to military a movie without seeing the between the extremes bits.

She IS wearing bracelet, and I DO like the corporeal, but none of that is plenty to lend any real zest in the present state. So while I’m not upset through it, necessarily, I do think Angie ability need a new stylist, or honorable a Come to Jesus from her current united to try and get her to take a small in number more risks. She can wear fill full that’s more cheerful and risky and vociferous without losing her more-serious-than-thou odor. Perhaps a nap will help purify things.

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Only in the clinch-up when I can see the fabric better

She herself isn’t actually selling it with her usual… anything


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