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How to Spend Four Days in Prague

Prague is a destination that perpetually seems to be in vogue. It’s been without ceasing the tourist map for a long-winded time and the crowds show no signs of abating. Prague is a showy, well-preserved medieval city coupled with a rich history, expansive parks, Vegas-denomination nightlife, and a hint of fable. The city holds a special station in my heart. It was the capital city I backpacked through on my circuit-the-world trip in 2006. It was to which place stayed at my first genuine hostel, the earliest place I was on my recognize, and the first place I went to at which place signs weren’t in English. I grew taken in the character of a traveler here.

After many years away, I was happy to come back not once, but twice this year. A chance has changed—there are more tourists, prices are higher, the commons is more international, and more foreigners live in the incorporated town. But the city’s essence—every one of the clich stuff (cobblestone streets, unusual medieval houses, charm) that makes Prague Prague is in continuance there and I was happy to reconnect through the city.

After spending weeks roaming the incorporated town, today’s blog post puts the most of all Prague has to offer into a doable four-sunlight itinerary. If you are looking because of a way to organize your throw off the balance, this itinerary, like previous ones I’ve bestowed, will help you do so.

Day 1

Take a spontaneous walking tour
Walking tours are a pungent way to orient yourself to a of the present day city, learn some history, and give heed to about the main attractions. There are a TON of bountiful walking tours in Prague, so you’ll be delivered of plenty of options. All the trip companies meet near the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square at 10am and remain about three hours. They will accord. you an overview of the cardinal sites like the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, and besides.

My favorite company is New Europe. They work free tours around Europe and incline to have upbeat guides and lots of historically precise information.

Visit Prague Castle

The famed Prague Castle is the next versed in logic place to visit, since all the walking tours end direct this popular sight. The castle, that lords over the city, consists of multiple sections—St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, The Story of Prague Castle, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower, the Powder Tower, and Rosenberg Palace. You can buy a ticket to any or the whole of of these sights from the box charge. The most famous structure is St. Vitus Cathedral. This is the huge building you see when you mien up at the castle from audibly the city walls.

Walk around Petrin Park

Petrin Park is the city’s biggest and most beautiful park by sweeping views of Prague. You’ll catch a garden, a maze, and a lookout turret that looks like the Eiffel citadel. What I love about this dilating park is how easy it is to procreate lost among the trees. Paths flow round throughout and it’s a relaxing striking difference to the crowds of the historic center. Keep in sentiment that this park is on a distended hill and walking to the rise above can be strenuous. There is a funicular that be able to take you down (and up) the rising ground if you don’t feel like doing the walk.

Visit the John Lennon wall

After Petrin Park, upper part down towards Kampa, a neighborhood, by the river and visit the John Lennon wall. Towards the end of Communism in the 1980s, students started penmanship John Lennon lyrics on this wall viewed like a way to air their grievances. Today, the wall represents eros and peace. Tourists are allowed to compose or paint on it too.

Relax steady the waterfront – It’s been a long day, so relax in Kampa by a satiating drink, some food, or a coffee. There are a account of appealing restaurants and cafes in the definite space. To get here, just keep walking towards the abundance from the John Lennon wall. You’ll sour a little bridge and there you are! You’ll get lots of places to eat, have a seat, and relax and when you’re bestowed you can walk across the noted Charles Bridge back towards the city center.

Day 2

Explore the Old Town Square

Though you got an overview of the Old Town Square for the period of your walking tour, today you be possible to savor the square’s attractions in relation. Some of the highlights include:

Hanging out in the comport – The people-watching is unbeatable to the degree that tourists, families, students, and touts situation through the square. Sit on individual of the benches, eat a sandwich and have fruition of! Moreover, there are a number of of brilliant parts musicians ranging from jazz musicians to Scottish bagpipe players and everything between that perform in in square.

Astronomical Clock – Watch the greatest in number overhyped attraction in all of Prague! While the continually chime that people line up towards is anticlimactic, the detail and artistry of the clock makes it one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Visit the churches – The beauteous Tyn and St. Nicholas churches set the square. St. Nicholas is generous all day, but Tyn is simply open in the mornings and late afternoons.

Explore the catacombs – Under the Old Town Hall, you’ll observe a series of catacombs worth exploring. They were the primary level of the medieval houses that used to be in the square. Now, they are some exhibit (entrance through the tourism bureau) showcasing medieval life.

Explore the Jewish Quarter

The historic Jewish Quarter is person of the most popular attractions in Prague. Hitler saved it from Nazi devastation because he wanted to make the domain a museum to the lost Jewish smack . Now, the museums, synagogues, and historic graveyard in the are manly virtue the history of what was undivided of the largest Jewish communities in Europe.

Explore Letensk sady

This park, across the river from the Jewish Quarter, features manifold walking trails, a caf, and dilating views of the city. You’ll behold a lot of art students painting the cityscape. Cross over to Chotkovy sady despite beautiful gardens and rear views of the Prague Vastle. It’s tranquil and with secluded paths that require for an intimate romantic stroll.

Take each underground Prague tour – Prague Underground Tours runs one underground tour of the medieval houses in the incorporated town center. There are many catacombs in Prague and this perambulation, though short, provides detailed history on the point medieval Prague.

Day 3

Take a daytime trip to Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora was an important center for silver mining in medieval Bohemia. It helped continue the kings of Prague rich. Now the burgh is famous for its creepy bone ecclesiastical authority, Sedlec Ossuary, which contains 40,000-70,000 bones. Since ecclesiastical body takes only about 15 minutes to visit, head into the historic city center to behold some of Kutna Hora’s other attractions, including marvelous mediival churches, overlooks, well preserved streets, and immense town square. It’s a faint and quiet town that feels like Prague outside of the crowds.

Day 4

Explore Vyehrad

While Prague Castle gets every one of the love, Vyehrad, located in the southerly part of the city, was in addition one of the original castles of the kings of Prague. It was built surrounding the 10th century and contains Prague’s oldest surviving pile, the Rotunda of St Martin. Few tourists for aye come here so you’ll have the castle and its views of Prague to yourself. It has best fruits upriver views of the city.

Walk up the stream back into town – From the fortress, you can take a nice walk in a line the river back into the center of place. There are walking and bikes paths in the same proportion that well as places to stop, perch , and maybe read a book. It’s mostly locals around here, despite it core about 20 minutes from the incorporated town center.

Visit the Powder Tower

Back in thorp, be sure to check out this medieval steeple is one of the original thirteen incorporated town gates. Construction began in 1475 and, for the time of the 17th century, the tower used to reserve gunpowder. It was heavily damaged in 1757 and principally of the sculptures on it were replaced in 1876.

Wander the streets of Prague

Prague is a very loud city. Meander its winding streets. Find random restaurants, markets, and churches. Sit and watch the people go by. Just get happily abandoned.

Other Activities:

See a concert – Prague is noted for its classical music and in that place are concert halls throughout the incorporated town.

Visit the Kafka museum – Love Kafka? He was from Prague and there is a museum dedicated to him.

Suggested Restaurants:

Country Life – Cheap vegetarian buffet that offers travelers great value as far as concerns their money.

VinoGraf – Off-the-common-path wine bar serving only Czech wines. It’s sordid, candlelight setting is also a worthy date spot.

Umedvidku – Traditional Czech food with serving delicious soup and goulash. There moreover brew their own band.

Las Adelitas – Delicious and true Mexican food for those with a of fire palate. The best I’ve construct in continental Europe.

Prague has been one of my favorite cities in the earth since I first visited in 2006. Though in that place is a constant mass of tourists, Prague’s magnificence decision always make this touristy city some worth visiting. And hopefully this guide will help.

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