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Is Jenna-Louise Coleman Quitting Doctor Who? Not According To Peter Capaldi

We were unquestionably devastated to hear Jenna-Louise Coleman would be bidding farewell to Clara Oswald, our favourite partaker to Doctor Who ever, but it turns out her time without ceasing the show may not be extremely just yet.

Peter Capaldi has given us a gleam of hope that the 28-year-of long date may not be quitting the likeness as the rumours have suggested, cryptically teasing: “I’m not looking notwithstanding a new assistant”.

Unless the Doctor is planning to pass through galaxies and time and extent on his tod, he seems to put in mind of the Time Lord’s coadjutor may still be up for additional action, contrary to popular belief.

It was reported the actress has called time forward her stint on the hit Sci-fi play with stories claiming the character elect depart in a sensational storyline. But the Doc’s latest carnation seems to hold otherwise.

Peter Capaldi talks Jenna-Louise Coleman quitting Doctor Who (BBC Pictures)

Popping through . the BBC studios for a natter with Alex Jones and the delicious Matt Baker on tonight’s edition of The One Show, Peter protested: “I’m not looking according to a new assistant. I don’t comprehend where these rumours have started.

“I’ve learned that she may be leaving at Christmas excepting I don’t even be sure if she’ll get to Christmas. You’ve got to equitable watch and wait to see which happens.”

So basically we’re hushed completely in the dark when it comes to Clara’s what is yet to be. Either she’s sticking round for the long haul, she’ll exist booted off sooner than we idea or the paper’s be obliged got it spot on and we’ll pray farewell to the starlet on Chirstmas Day.

What Peter was trustworthy of though is that Jenna is the greatest number talented sidekick to ever stand through . the notorious nomad.

Gushing over his one of a firm in crime, he said: “What I can say is that she’s beyond peradventure fabulous with what she’s ended.

“The work she’s transacted this season is extraordinary because she’s called on the subject of to do things that I put on’t think any other participator has had to do to prove a kind of emotional range and I regard she’s done it actually brilliantly. But tune in and inquire what happens."

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who testament premiere this Saturday (BBC Pictures)

He also opened up about his take attached the Doctor warning us not to take the comments in various places him being “darker” over seriously.

“I’m concerned when people say he’s pitchy, I don’t really quite know what that means. “Matt was totally dark, who I thought was invented and David and Christopher Eccleston of the same kind with well, all great great actors, elevated performances all had elements in them that were wholly dark.

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“He’s the same man, he’s the identical guy as all those guys. You strength not want to bring him home to confront your mother but he’s after what is stated fun.”

Well thank goodness during that!

The moment of truth is for good upon us as we get to distinguish just how Peter fares as Doctor Who this Saturday adhering BBC One at 7.50. Roll forward the weekend!

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