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Lena Dunham Totally Stacks It On The Set Of ‘Girls’ Season 4 (WATCH)

‘Friends’, ‘Sex and the City’ and things being so ‘Girls’, there are highly few shows that have ever got this excited excepting Lena Dunham’s instant standard work is certainly one of them, unmistakable by the fact that we are totally freaking out immersing the first glimpse into the repose-com’s fourth season.

After the fatal news of Mariah’s burst (sob!) we needed some good information and thank the lord for Lena Dunham who fust have picked up on our incompetent mood, posting a short clip by way of her Instagram.

While we’re hitherto to hear any more details from the HBO course’ latest run, this footage be inclined certainly keep our appetites satisfied in the express time.


Lena Dunham unveils clip of fourth tinge of ‘Girls’ (WENN)

“We’re back in produce,” Lena confirms after cracking us up in honest a matter of seconds sporting a infamous bicycle helmet which ends coming into friendly use as she topples flat forward her face in the park. Thankfully the semblance’s crew were on pointer to help her up.

Season Three’s end has left us with all sorts of questions touching the future of Hannah and Adam and at this moment we can breathe a big complain of relief as it seems we could exist getting our answers soon. Phew!

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Writer, guide and star Lena recently debuted her recent look which appears not to characteristic in the upcoming season which suits us totally as we wouldn’t be in need of Hannah to change anything, at the whole of. We love her just the device she is!

While we wait with a view to more details for the new prepare of ‘Girls’ in the in the mean time you can watch this clip steady loop just like us. On a Friday night. Cool.

First clip of ‘Girls’ (Instagram/Lena Dunham)

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