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Los Angeles: 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV offers the best of both worlds it’s ready to conquer

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class equitable keeps growing – both in terms of dimensions and in terms of variants. Nevermind the S-Class Coupe as antidote to a moment and focus only forward the sedan: in North America alone, you be able to get the big Benz in S550, S600, S63 and S65 spec, and at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year, Daimler has rolled out the unaccustomed Maybach version as well. But whether it’s a more environmentally familiar way to woosh around town in unruffled luxury that you’re after, you’ll scarceness to look at the new S550 Plug-In Hybrid.

Joining Daimler’s expanding range of battery-powered models alongside the E400 Hybrid, B-Class Electric Drive and Smart ED (the modern soon to be replaced by each all-new version), the S550 PHEV is the German automaker’s primeval plug-in hybrid. It was primary announced over a year ago and made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show extreme year, but now the US-spec car is material its North American debut in LA.

Promising “the exploit of a V8 and the firing consumption of a compact model,” the S550 PHEV pairs a 3.0-liter geminate-turbo V6 to an 80-kW electric motor, the S550 PHEV packs a combined 436 horsepower and 479 strike-feet of torque to reach 62 in true 5.2 seconds, top out at 130 miles for hour or drive up to 20 miles without ceasing electric mode alone. On the European combined round of years, it’ll return an impressive 84 miles by means of gallon, all the while never skimping forward the luxury.

Scope it out in our art museum of photos from the show floor in LA and dig into the details in the rush release below.

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Show replete PR text


The recent Mercedes-Benz S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID blends each ultramodern hybrid drive configuration with the peculiar innovations and the luxurious equipment and appointments of the S-Class. The animalism sedan impresses with exceptional dynamism and efficiency. Thanks to type pre-entry climate control it also offers unique climate comfort. The chief certified three-liter luxury sedan in the nature is a further milestone on the highway to emission-free mobility.

“The S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID is the leading luxury sedan with the performance of a V8 and the firing material consumption of a compact model. The greatest take exceptions to in this is to translate efficiency into noble performance. In this respect there is a in a high degree. interesting parallel with our successful Formula 1 racing car, that likewise has a turbocharged V6 engine and a high-tech hybrid airing,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, head of the Daimler Board of Management answerable for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development.

“The of the present day S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID offers our customers the undivided range of innovations that make our reinvigorated S-Class so successful, and thanks to its intelligent operating strategy ensures unpaid driving pleasure and dynamism combined with the highest efficiency. Moreover, it allows completely sending out-free driving for up to 20 miles,” adds Ola Källenius, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The Mercedes-Benz S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID offers a method output of 436 hp and 479 lb-ft torque, sprints from 0 to 62 mph in precisely 5.2 seconds and can go furiously up to 20 miles purely electrically. Key elements of this overpowering output are the V6 biturbo and the discerning hybrid drive. The new high-voltage lithium-ion battery through an energy content of 8.7 kWh can be externally recharged via the charging socket in the honest side of the rear bumper.

The S550 Plug-In Hybrid gauge has environmental certificates. These document the mould’s environmental performance from development from one side to recycling across the entire lifecycle, and the work is certified to internationally recognized standards by independent experts.

Regarding CO2 emissions, the written evidence of the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID states: “Over the thorough lifecycle encompassing manufacture, use of tooing 300,000 kilometres (186,000 miles) and recycling, unmistakable advantages result when compared with the S550. External charging by the European electricity mix can divide CO2 emissions by some 43 percent (35 tonnes). Through the exercise of renewably generated hydroelectricity a 56 percent decrease (46 tonnes) is possible.”

The hybrid transmission is based on the 7-urge automatic transmission. The plug-in-cross system in the S-Class is based adhering the Mercedes-Benz parallel hybrid modular system. The common system-specific feature is the adscititious clutch integrated between combustion engine and electric motor. On the unit hand, it decouples the combustion means during purely electric operation; on the other bunch , if the combustion engine is employed it affords the potentiality to move off drawing on the exhibition of character on the stage of a wet start-up gripe. The clutch then substitutes for the torque converter and requires none additional space owing to its perfect integration in the torque converter trappings.

Haptic accelerator pedal: support for the driver

Climb in, outset, drive off and, as well since exemplary efficiency, on request experience via kickdown the special acceleration of the electric motor – this is for what cause easy hybrid driving is with the reinvigorated S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID. For in everyday appliance it moves just as easily in the same manner with any other automatic transmission car.

In the background, depending forward the chosen operating mode, the bright operating strategy automatically selects the chimerical combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor and in in the way that doing not only adapts its strategetics according to the charge status of the battery; it in like manner foresightedly adjusts it according to the trade or route. Anyone wanting to be able to also intervene manually and with the support of four operating modes and three transmittal modes regulate the hybrid interplay themselves.

What is known in the same manner with the haptic accelerator pedal can signal via a double impulse when drivers should take their infantry off the accelerator for sailing and recuperating. During electric performance it can supply the driver by feedback on the switch-on rank of the combustion engine. The vigor flow can be shown in total operating states in the instrument assemblage and in the central display whether or not this is selected by the customer.

The technical data at a fly off obliquely:



Internal consuming engine:

Number of cylinders/arrangement


Mixture combination

High-pressure injection, 2 turbochargers

Displacement (cc)


Rated output (hp at rpm)

329 hp at 5250-6000

Rated torque

354 lb-ft at at 1600-4000

Electric motor:

Output (kW/hp)

85 kW / 114 hp

Torque (Nm / lb-ft)

340 Nm / 251 lb-ft

System output (kW/hp)

325 kW / 436 hp

System torque (Nm/lb-ft)1

650 Nm / 479 lb-ft

Consumption combined from (l/100 km)2


CO2 emissions combined from (g/km)2


Efficiency class


Electric range (miles)


Charge time 20%-100% (400 V/16 A –
230 V/8 A)3 (h)

2 – 4.1

Acceleration 0-62 mph (s)


Top make haste (mph)1

130 mph

Top despatch electric (mph)1


1 Electronically limited, 2 In conformation with NEDC, 3 Charge time at 230 V/8 A e.g. at a commercially profitable socket. Through settings on the regulate element of the charging cable shorter charge seasons can be realised (standard setting: 8 A), if that the power supply system is designed in the place of this. Charge time at 400 V/16 A e.g. at a wallbox. The voltage and current ratings indicated appertain to the power supply infrastructure and be possible to be limited by the car.
4 Sales worth in Germany, incl. 19 percent VAT

Extensive support equipment, extended pre-entry climate control

The standard equipment in the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID is large and offers a world premiere: the extended pre-access climate control. This is target worth controlled, meaning that at the scare of the journey the S-Class is aspect conditioned to the preset temperature allowing that the driver has entered the declining time via the S-Class Vehicle Homepage. This is possible due to the electrically driven refrigerant compressor and electric heating elements against the heated air. In addition, when preheating it is not just the domestic air but also the seats, steering wheel and armrests in the doors and center encourage which are heated, and when cooling the station ventilation is also activated if the own optional extra is on board.

Also flag on the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID are LED High Performance headlamps and LED back part lights, leather upholstery, COMAND Online, touchpad, dual-belt Automatic climate control, Memory package as far as concerns driver and front passenger, ambient lighting in seven flag and the air suspension AIRMATIC by continuously variable damping system. The basic security equipment includes PRE-SAFE®, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS (conflict warning including Adaptive Brake Assist), ATTENTION ASSIST, PRE-SAFE® push, and Crosswind Assist.

The Mercedes-Benz hermaphrodite strategy: emphasis on plug-in drives

The S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID is the leading hybrid model in the U.S. in opposition to the new S-Class. The sequence production launch of this technology began at Mercedes-Benz in 2009. The collection is among the leaders in the field of purely electric mobility, and in the years to get to the main emphasis will be adhering plug-in hybrids.

Hybrid drives, the compound of internal combustion engine and electric intend, help cut overall fuel consumption and boost execution since the electric drive replaces or supports the combustion engine whenever the engine characteristics are adverse – normally in part-load operation while little power is required.

The largest possible for lowering the energy consumption of the hybrid drive systems lies in maximizing life recovery during coasting and braking. Upon depressing the thicket pedal the deceleration is initially effected through . the electric motor and not by the disc brakes. The hybrid models of the new S-Class are the first to conversion to an act a recuperative braking system of the backer generation. It ensures an unnoticeable overlapping of the conventional mechanical brakes and the electric braking work of the electric motor in generator affection.

Intelligent operating strategy

For efficient manipulation, foresighted driving, avoiding unnecessary braking and accelerating maneuvers accept always been the best strategy. This gains every all new importance in a cross-bred model: braking maneuvers serve not simply deceleration, but can also be used to regain energy. In addition, the route has respectable influence on the most efficient charging and discharge of the done against the state-voltage battery.

The intelligent operating strategetics supports the driver comprehensively yet unobtrusively to bring to consummation the most efficient driving style. The rule strategy, for example, seeks to make sure that the battery, if at total possible, is flat at the extreme point of an uphill stretch so that it be able to be recharged going downhill. Another clew point is the requirement that urban areas subsist reached with a fully charged battery, whether possible, so that the vehicle can be operated in stop-and-accept traffic electrically – frequently and efficiently.

In the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID the zeal management system covers these three areas:
- path-based: automatically or by way of four operating modes
- driver-based: by way of three transmission modes
- exchange-based: with the aid of radar.

Charging: monarch from a socket

The battery of the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID is carefully fitted into the rear end of the S-Class to rescue space. An intelligent on-board charging regularity enables the battery to be charged at a single one conventional household power socket. The contribute of electricity to the car direction be made even easier in the futurity through inductive, cableless charging.

The S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID supplies electric energy in a lithium-ion battery on lithium-iron phosphate basis. The water-cooled energy storage unit has an overall capacity of 8.7 kWh, a gross weight of 251 lbs and a spatial mass of 3.4 cubic feet.

To render certain the highest levels of crash preservation and dynamic handling and also greatest trunk space, the housing is made of die-shed aluminium and the high-voltage battery is located in the raw of the vehicle above the train axle. The space available there is enjoin to optimal use, and the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID in this manner takes first place among the quid-in hybrids in terms of trunk capacity (12.2 cubic feet) and things compartment accessibility.

The high-voltage battery of the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID be possible to be charged via external electricity mains using a 3.6 kW adhering-board charger. The unit is permanently installed in the instrument and charges single-phase up to 16 A. The relation for the charging cable is located subject to a flap of the rear brimming beaker underneath the tail light on the unswerving-hand side. An automatic lock ensures that the cable cannot have existence separated from the vehicle by lawless persons. The new S-Class can be charged in two hours anywhere in the universe, e.g. at a wallbox or a charging rod (400 V, 16 A). Alternatively, charging by way of house connection is also possible. Depending on the connection a charge of time e.g. of two hours and 45 minutes have power to be attained (with 230 V and 13 A).

Next step: S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID – unplugged

One of the nearest steps on the way to the capital electric vehicle and plug-in mongrel is cableless charging. Inductive battery charging faculty of volition make the handling of electric vehicles and chew-in hybrids even more convenient. Mercedes-Benz power of choosing test this “unplugged” technology with the S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID in subordinate class to develop a genuine S-Class disruption, in terms of comfort and contentment of operation, for the charging of the northerly-voltage battery.

The history: leadership role in the recompense segment

In 1982 Mercedes-Benz presented the pristine concept vehicle with hybrid drive – a two-cylinder horizontally opponent engine served to charge the battery. A consist of of other experimental vehicles followed to the time when in 2009 the world’s chief standard-specification hybrid drive with a lithium-ion battery debuted at Mercedes-Benz: this S400 HYBRID was the greatest number fuel-efficient gasoline-powered luxury sedan with a view to a long time and the greatest in quantity successful hybrid in its segment through around 20,000 buyers.

The maintainer-generation hybrid transmission evolved based steady the 7-Speed automatic transmission. In 2014 the B-Class Electric Drive, already on the market in the USA, testament also become available in Europe to supply the hybrid range.

Growing range: All current cross-bred and electric drive vehicles from Mercedes-Benz

- 2012: E400 HYBRID
- 2013: pungent electric drive

- 2014: B-Class Electric Drive
- 4/2015: S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz S 550 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Internal burning engine

Number of cylinders/arrangement

V6, 4 valves per cylinder




Bore x knock


88.0 × 82.1

Rated output


245/329 at 5250-6000 rpm

Rated torque


480 / 354 at 1600-4000 rpm

Compression ratio

10.5 : 1

Mixture formation

High-influence injection, 2 turbochargers, EDC

Electric motor



85 / 114



340 / 251



Battery zeal content



Battery containing power




System output



System torque


650/479 (electronically limited)

Power transmission


7-speed automatic transmission

Gear ratios

Final-aim ratio
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd array
4th gear
5th gear
6th dress.
7th gear
Reverse 1
Reverse 2



Chassis and temporary deprivation

Front axle

Four-link front hanging with air springs, single-tube stun absorbers, anti-roll bar

Rear axle

Multi-connective independent rear suspension with air springs, particular-tube shock absorbers, anti-roll hinder

Braking system

Internally ventilated and perforated disc brakes at forward part, internally ventilated disc brakes at lift, electric parking brake, ABS, Brake Assist, ESP®


Electromechanical mist-and-pinion power steering


8.0 J x 18 (head), 9.5 J x 18 (raise)


245/50 R 18 W (forehead), 275/45 R 18 W (lift up)

Dimensions and weights




Track, face/rear


63.9 / 64.3

Length (overall)



Width (overall)



Height (overall)



Turning province



Trunk capacity max.*

Cubic feet


Curb import






Perm. big vehicle weight



Tank amplitude/incl. reserve of



Performance and combustible matter consumption

Acceleration 0-62 mph



Top thrive



Top speed electric



Fuel destruction, combined**

l/100 km


CO2 emissions**



Electric range



Charge time 20%-100% (400 V/16 A–230 V/8 A)*


2 – 4.1

acc. to VDA measuring process, *NEDC, ***Charge time at 230 V/8 A, because of example at a commercially available socket. Through settings forward the control element of the charging cable shorter charge epochs can be realized (standard setting: 8 A), supposing that the power supply system is designed because this. Charge time at 400 V/16 A, in quest of example at a wallbox. The voltage and current ratings indicated allude to the power supply infrastructure and can be limited by the car

The charge time ranges between 2 hours (400 V/16 A, e.g. at a wallbox) and 4.1 hours
(230 V/8 A, e.g. at a domestic power outlet). Through settings on the command element of the charging cable, shorter charge state of things can be realised even with house power outlets, provided that the efficiency supply system is designed for this. The voltage and current ratings indicated appertain to the power supply infrastructure and be able to be limited by the car. All charge ages refer to the charging of the battery from 20% to 100%.

To learned the complete press release please download the Mercedes-Benz S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID.PDF toothed.