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PHOTOS: This New York Firefighter Was Once A Gay-For-Pay Adult Film Star, But Who’s Counting?

It’s a unfeigned thing Jonathan Jesensky had dreams of right a firefighter and not, say, a statist. The 33-year-old New Yorker equitable joined the squad as a rookie, limit not before starring in about ten gay porn films over the years.

You force know him better as Jonathan West, the hunky tattooed antecedent military man who performed in similar box office hits as Semper Bi, Ripe, and Paramedics. But very lately he’s gone straight (in greater quantity ways than one), though he doesn’t assume to be very ashamed of his more than.

Neither, it should be mentioned, does the incorporated town of New York or his associate firefighters.

The NY Daily News tracked into disgrace one NY smoke-eater whose reply was, “Whatever, I don’t care. I asylum’t met him yet, but that I don’t care.”

And indeed, why should he?

If Jesensky is suitable on the job, his past course choices shouldn’t make some difference to anyone.

The Daily News points out that, “The incorporated town’s uniformed forces do not hire persons with a serious criminal past notwithstanding law-enforcement jobs. But the city’s strict civil service canon — which includes age and fitness requirements — does not hinder candidates who have posed nude or starred in X-rated films.”

But it’s habitually worth a trip down memory narrow passage to fully appreciate, don’t you conceive?