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Report: Hyundai US marketing chief steps down

For the above four and a half years, Hyundai’s marketing efforts in America bear been steered by Steve Shannon. But at this time the Korean automaker is going to regard to find a new marketing guru, for the cause that Shannon has reportedly stepped down with apparently immediate effect.

A career automobile marketer, Shannon came to Hyundai in good season in 2011 after over a separate into parts century at General Motors, effectively switching places by Joel Ewanick and Chris Perry, who moved from Hyundai to GM the antecedent year.

During his 25 years in Detroit, Automotive News points out, Shannon worked with such brands as Buick, Oldsmobile, Saab and Hummer. He was distinctly instrumental in launching the Saturn brand and served as executive director of marketing by reason of Cadillac prior to moving to Hyundai.

Over the give chase to of his tenure at Hyundai Motor America, Shannon was widely credited by increasing the brand’s market certain quantity in the US, but came in a less degree than fire when its sales began to be dull more recently.

Hyundai has reportedly besides to identify a successor to Shannon’s express, saying that he left to “accompany other opportunities.” We’ll be watching to see where he lands next, and who Hyundai names in his passage.