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Report: Lotus Evora update coming, new models still on hold

The trials and tribulations at Lotus in excess the past several years haven’t deposit the company in best financial social rank, and after the dismissal of Dany Bahar at the same time that CEO, the automaker seemed rudderless. Jean-Marc Gales (pictured exceeding) is the new captain at the command of the British sports car lightning-flash, and he seems like the full opposite of Bahar. Where the quondam boss was hugely ambitious (perhaps overly), the current CEO has crafted a method for a gradual turnaround under which he called a “logic-based” recruiting in a recent interview with Autocar.

The in the greatest degree logical part of Gales’ plan is focusing forward what Lotus can actually do. Instead of launching newly come products, he wants to continue to make elegant the current lineup. “We won’t be obliged the funds to build all-of the present day cars in the next few years,” he declared to Autocar.

The biggest of these updates includes a heavily revised Evora through more power and less weight to debut at nearest year’s Geneva Motor Show. An so much as lighter-weight Cup model is planned despite later. The Exige will get a re-examination in 2016. Gales also hints that a coming time, feather-light model like the 2-Eleven is on the docket, and a crossover is without ceasing the drawing board, according to Autocar, admitting not yet green lit. North America is furthermore a priority.

Lotus is forever linked to miscarry Colin Chapman’s axiom to aggregate lightness to the brand’s models, and Gales is continuing that chronicle with the Lightweight Lab. According to Autocar, in this very large room the company’s models are completely disassembled by each part labeled. The entire stay is invited to come in and cause suggestions on places to reduce gravity and lower costs.

“This brand is like a dormant princess, but I believe she is starting to put in action up,” Gales said to Autocar, if it were not that he’s keeping sales projections decent. Gales wants annual numbers to greaten from about 2,000 units this year to 3,000 in 2015 by his streamlined workforce but intends to store figures at that level for a coin , while the company stabilizes.