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Some Of Hollywood’s Most Notorious Gay Murders Remain Unsolved

Homicides in Tinseltown are nihility new. With an estimated annual medium of 300-400 killings per year in the city of Los Angeles, we hear not far from a new murder occurring there practically every day. But yet there are those cases that stand out and, on this account that whatever reason, seem to stick through us. Whether it’s on this account that the details are particularly gruesome or the perpetrator was not ever caught — perhaps the victim is our dear movie (or porn movie) star — a thing about these particular tragedies strikes a right line uniting the extremities of an arc.

Here are six notorious gay-of the same family (or, in some cases, gay-speculated) murders that stay to fascinate us.


Ramn Novarro

Ramn Novarro was a noble Mexican-born actor whose career began in noiseless films. He worked with both Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, and for the period of his lifetime was best known conducive to playing the title role in the 1925 interpretation of Ben-Hur. Nowadays, his character sadly conjures up a more horrid memory: that of his brutal spoil at age 69. Unable to conciliate his Catholic faith with his venus of men, the aging Novarro sought console in alcohol and hustlers. On the death of October 30, 1968, Novarro hired two young brothers, advanced in life 17 and 22. Exactly what happened isn’t known, but it’s believed the young men were about a big wad of cash they musing was hidden in the house, and the defenseless histrionic artist was reportedly tortured for hours in the hopes he’d bestow it up. While rumors that he was suffocated through a lead dildo molded from the penis of his dear companion Rudolph Valentino have never been confirmed, Novarro did, in performance, die from choking on his possess blood and the killers walked absent with $20. Both were soon apprehended, convicted, and hereafter later paroled.


Billy London

The chieftain and feet of gay porn imitation Billy London (who also worked since a producer under the name Bill E. London; his accurate name was William Arnold Newton) were mould in a dumpster in an walk behind Santa Monica Boulevard on October 28, 1990. The fortune of Bulge: Mass Appeal, Hard Choices, Head of the Class, Hot Wired, Imperfect Strangers, and Sex Drive 2020 had reportedly been kidnapped precursory to his murder and dismemberment. The put in a box was never solved, though the first copy lead detective, Wendi Brandt, announced in 2005 that she was reinvestigating the case after being made supervisor of the LAPD Homicide Unit, Hollywood Division.


Sal Mineo

On the night of February 12, 1976, fifties teen deity and Rebel Without a Cause asterisk Sal Mineo returned home following a recounting for the play P.S. Your Cat Is Dead. After parking his car in the carport in time his West Hollywood apartment, the 37-year-mean actor was stabbed in the kernel by a mugger who quickly fled the show. Police pursued all kinds of leads however assumed the crime to be the termination of some sort of “homosexual motivation.” Three years later, pizza deliveryman Lionel Ray Williams was convicted of the manslaughter and a number of local robberies. Williams, who claimed he had nay idea who the actor was at the time of the stabbing, had bragged with respect to the murder and his wife later confirmed that adhering the night Mineo died, Williams had reach home with blood on his shirt. He was paroled in the timely 1990s.


Danny Lockin

Best known as far as concerns his portrayal of Barnaby Tucker in the 1969 pellicle version of Hello, Dolly!, actor and dancer Danny Lockin’s definitive performance occurred on an August 21, 1977 taping of The Gong Show, at which place he and his dance partner tied on the side of first place. To celebrate their victory, the pair decided to go conducive to a drink at The Mug, a frolicsome bar in Garden Grove. Danny was later seen leaving the organization for work with a 34-year-old uniform named Charles Leslie Hopkins. Hours later, Hopkins called police to assert he’d been robbed. But relating to showing up at his apartment, cops place the body of Lockin, who’d been stabbed closely 100 times. Since only six of the wound maliciously wounds turned out to be lethal, it was believed Danny had not simply bled out but that he’d been tortured and stabbed repeatedly after his death. Despite the ascertainment of what the press referred to to the degree that a “torture diary” (which featured Polaroids of the spoil and led authorities to believe the felony was premeditated) at the residence, police had failed to immovable a proper search warrant and the main division was ruled inadmissible. Hopkins was originate guilty of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to four years in prison.


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