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Star Wars: Episode VIII Director Rian Johnson Shares Exciting Insights Into Upcoming JJ Abrams Picture

Star Wars Episode VII mentor (Yup, we’re talking Episode VIII already) Rian Johnson has been sharing some rather exciting insights into JJ Abrams upcoming Episode VII revealing that the description will be “coming bcck right and left,” using more practical special movables rather than the CGI nonsense we’ve befit accustomed to.

The upcoming reprisal of the exemption, set to open next year, determination draw on the effects of the primitive 1970s trilogy and we think entirelyy you die hard Star Wars fans inclination be delighted with the news.

After a newly come visit to JJ Abrams set, Rian who was announced during the time that the director for Episode VIII in front of number VII has even been elegant, dished some majorly juicy details of his time in the upcoming trilogy revealing the picture will be using a more “throwback” form, more similar of the original order.

Appearing on the Girls In Hoodies podcast, Johnson revealed: “They’re doing likewise much practical building for this individual, it’s awesome.” And thankfully he assures: “They’re doing it wholly right.”


Rian Johnson visits expose of Star Wars: Episode VII (Twitter)

The Looper mentor says the industry is returning to the adapted to practice effects roots but suggests the totality fad maybe a “generational goods”.

“I think more and greater degree of people are hitting a critical mass taken in the character of far as the CG-driven acting scene, lending itself towards a same specific type of action film, in which place physics go out the window and it becomes in the way that big so quick, and I with appearance of truth sound like a grumpy old re-enforce talking about it," he explained. 

(Facebook/Star Wars Episode VII)

“I end wonder, kids are growing up attention those and that’s the act they love now. So I dress in’t know if it’s a generational lifeless substance.”

We’re imagining the news will be welcomed with open ensign armorial by fans of the original line who were left cold by the through the whole extent of-stylised, gimmicky effects from the additional recent trilogy, which was generally panned by audiences and critics alike.

However Rian too described his experiences on set viewed like “uncomfortable,” poking your nose on every side a set without job to behave other than spectate.

“Visiting a attach you’re not working forward, though, I always feel kind of uncomfortable.

JJ Abrams on the set of Star Wars Episode VII (Facebook/Star Wars Episode VII)

“Not for the cause that anyone makes you feel uncomfortable at all, but if you don’t be obliged a job on the set, it’s a in truth strange place to be.”

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Well totally frankly we would have leapt at the chance to visit a Tatooine or as luck may have it even the actual Millenium Falcon which has been rumoured to be workmanship a return alongside its captain, Han Solo.

Our hopes right keep getting higher for Episode V11 goal sadly we have got bloomin’ ages to wait until we see the results as the film opens in cinemas nationwide on December 18, 2015.

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