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Take the First Step Out the Door (A Community Challenge)

The Dutch wish a saying: “He who is in a puzzle his door already has the hardest duty of his journey behind him.” It’s the same of my travel quotes. The primeval step in any endeavor is always the hardest. It takes courage. You be obliged to overcome your fears and that’s not continually easy. I remember how hard it was to take the foremost step when I started traveling. I was scared and full of nerves. Would everything turn out alright? Once I got out the means of access, I realized there was nothing to worry. It was entirelyy in my head.

The first step doesn’t poverty to be big. It can alarm at home by being a limited tourist. Most people never explore their backyard and doing such is the easiest way to procure into the travel mindset.

Today, we’re launching a Travel Action Challenge without ceasing the community forums designed to remedy people take the first step. Having a supportive community behind you can make it a hazard easier to take the leap and we want to be here to encourage and brace you.

And in this challenge we’re encouraging you to have existence a local tourist.

Get out there. Explore your area. Do something unused. Being a local tourist is a persons of rank way to stay in the go frame of mind. Here are the distinct parts:


Travel starts at home. It doesn’t for ever need to be some big international trip so come up with a catalogue of five things in your region you’ve always wanted to perform and do them!

When you live in a order of importance, it’s easy to always think “I can do that tomorrow” otherwise than that tomorrow never comes. Between work, life, and everything in between, it’s easy to declare by verdict that time has passed you by. Let’s change that. Being a local tourist can bring you a deeper intellect of your area!

Travel is approximately exploring something new – either in more foreign country or right around the pose so get out there. Explore your home and publish speak of us all about it!


Create a selvage of five activities in your district you’ve always wanted to perform.

Take a picture of yourself doing them.

Post them hither on the forum thread.

Winners be inclined be chosen randomly but you be possible to get extra entries for sharing your entrance:

Twitter (2 extra entries) with @nomadicmatt and #nmforumchallenge
Facebook (2 supplementary entries) with #nmforumchallenge
Instagram (2 additional entries) with #nmforumchallenge
Pinterest (1 supplementary entry) with #nmforumchallenge
Google+ (1 extra entry) with #nmforumchallenge

I’ll be putting everyone’s name in a spreadsheet and randomly selected person. Extra entries get your name steady the spreadsheet multiple times!

The exception is open to all forum members eighteen years or older.

The object to runs from October 23 to November 15, 2014.

1st gain winner gets a trip-planning christen with me, a signed copy of How to Travel the World adhering $50 a Day, and my thorough e-book collection (city guides included)! (1 winner)
2nd trophy winners get my entire e-part collection (city guides excluded)! (3 winners)


Create a video (while burdened with 3 minutes long) about how to hinder money in your home town.

Upload your video on YouTube and link it to this tenor so we can all see it.

Each living body who creates a video gets a pack city guide of their choice.

Bonus Prize: The person who creates my pet video gets an hour planning bid with me and my book, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking.

So that’s the call for! Get out there, explore your area, and win some cool prizes!

Some other bits and bobs…..

Travel Guides

Last month, I released five assortment travel guides. They are in-central part travel guides designed to help you lay up money, get off the beaten course, and have a more local move experience. I’m currently en passage to Hong Kong to research the nearest guide and wanted to mention the existing ones in cover you’re going to the same of them soon.

Each guide is without more $4.99 (cheaper than any other clew) and is available via Amazon Kindle or PDF. Each is betwixt 70-100 pages in length – you’ll exist able to fit several on your tablet, e-reader or smartphone. Right it being so that, they are only digital, but I’m working towards a print on demand office of devotion so you can obtain a toilsome copy, too. (That just takes a diminutive longer to set up!)

Kindle | PDF

Kindle | PDF

Kindle | PDF

Kindle | PDF

Kindle | PDF


Last year, I ran a Kickstarter campaign and made t-shirts since part of the backer rewards. I ordered supplemental when people asked for them otherwise than that I still have some around whether you want one. There are two versions: Nomadic Matt shirt or a “Keep Calm and Travel On” shirt.

They are profitable in all sizes and make since great work out or travel shirts. You can click here to order one! (They furthermore make great gifts!)

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