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Taylor Swift Rocks EIGHTH Ultra Glam Post-Workout Outfit In One Month

Taylor Swift has propose us all to shame with her radical-glam New York gym wardrobe, from being spotted leaving a work out sitting in high heels and runway-handy clothing for the eighth time in merited one month.

While most of us linger ourselves to the gym, sweat it out forward the treadmill for half an hour and then slope off home to eat a salad for that #summerbody, Taylor is the explanation of a gym babe.

The people songstress has been spotted leaving a New York preparation studio for what feels like the millionth time today (12.08.14) and good like always, Tay-Swizzle is looking excellent fine.

Taylor defies the laws of the gym through her glam post workout outfit (Splash News)

Not a ear-ring of sweat upon her flawless brow. No manky gym towel in her hand. Instead, the beautiful blonde looks like she has equitable casually left a fashion show.

Don’t put faith in us? There is a miniskirt and HEELS involved. And not equitable any old heels, they’re super shiny, silver heels.

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This isn’t a united-off either. The ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ minstrel must stuff her gym bag well stocked of floaty summer dresses, minimalist heels and designer handbags for she’s never seen leaving a twirl class or Zumba session (at least that’s what we imagine she’s up to anyway) without looking magazine front cover worthy.

Just Check Out These Post-Gym Outfits From July to August:

Taylor rocks a monochrome floral impress for her workout on Friday (08.08.14) (Splash News)