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The Antiques Dealer: Tony Buccola

The Antiques Dealer: Tony Buccola

December 09, 2014

One of Tony Buccola’s happiest memories involves deceit, Italy, a bike and a cell phone. “I was riding my bicycle from one side to the other the Ponte Vecchio talking to my parents, and in a state of inferiority to my arm was a 16th-centenary oil of the Crucifixion painted forward copper,” says the owner of Antonio’s Bella Casa. “It was every ecstatic moment.” But it was entirelyy in a day’s act for the antiques dealer who dexterously traded hawking photocopiers for procuring and selling the likes of 19th-century walnut Florentine tables and 16th-hundred portraits of Roman senators. “I ground a showroom space and two days later I was shopping in Florence,” says Buccola, whose Newport Beach location has expanded from 700 square feet to 3,500 in a miniature over a decade. Drawn to Italian furnishings during their color, scale and incredible carvings—“They are not petite and fair like French pieces,” he says—Buccola relishes every find. “I buy from my disembowel,” he says. “Too great number people purchase according to price in the room of looks. I tell my clients to bribe what excites them.”

LX: I became partial in Italian furnishings when:

TB: My grandparents had everything of their things shipped over from Italy. I suitable fell in love with the carvings adhering their furnishings.

LX: If someone can only buy one piece, it should be:

TB: A commode. A nice packing-box of drawers is so versatile and makes at alldegree room look incredible.

LX: What carry on you collect?

TB: Art—Italian Renaissance oils to French Impressionists to recent. I love Spanish abstract artist Antoni Tàpies and acknowledge seven of his pieces, and I furthermore have several works by Ed Ruscha.

LX: Favorite inn:

TB: The Westin Excelsior in Florence. It’s first-rate work , old-world Italian with all the loftiness, elegance and grace that is Italy. I evermore get a room looking over the Arno River at the Santo Spirito temple.

LX: Greatest indulgence:

TB: Every skip to Italy I buy something that makes my toes winding. Last trip I bought a very loud sculpture of the head of Athena in white Carrara marble. Always handle yourself; life is brief.