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The Architect: Allan Shulman

The Architect: Allan Shulman

December 05, 2014

“Some of my most poignant memories are of great spaces and buildings,” says Miami-based author Allan Shulman, who turned an at dawn passion for architecture into a thriving career designing contemporary structures and residences, taken in the character of well as restoring and adapting pristine buildings to new uses. As a nursling living in Cleveland, Shulman became enchanted by The Cleveland Museum of Art and other Beaux Arts-form establishments. “I remember wandering from one side these grand spaces being in sweetheart with how they were put in company,” he says. Shulman ultimately moved to Miami and has considering become known for his work reimagining historically indicative sites such as Browns Hotel/Prime 112, Soho Beach House, the Lincoln Theatre, and a 1912 advertise office that today serves as the Miami Center despite Architecture & Design. “I have the advantage the process of working in urban districts with an old building fabric,” explains Shulman, noting that he appreciates each step of a project from careful search to execution. “You’re attention an idea become real, and there’s something very beautiful touching that.”

LX: My approach:

AS: My drudge is multidisciplinary: I design, teach (at the University of Miami School of Architecture), examination, write, curate exhibits, lecture, and organize conferences. I love the interplay amidst all of these themes and Miami is a excellent laboratory to explore them.

LX: Describe your home:

AS: We live attached the 14th floor; windows and balconies clasp our apartment and I exposed the become firm structure inside. Otherwise, almost everything is forest-land, and there are books everywhere.

LX: I’m delineation:

AS: Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami. I became self-seeking in his work after reading the inadmissible 1Q84 last year.

LX: Favorite city:

AS: Tokyo. I lived and studied there for some time and it helped describe my outlook on architecture and the city. It is metropolitan to the heart—very livable and very tested.

LX: Greatest indulgence:

AS: I disunite. I like places that are out of small cavity phone range. It’s one indulgence to be able to require space to think and dream.