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The Stone Artisans: George and Richard Chiarini

The Stone Artisans: George and Richard Chiarini

December 08, 2014

In the city of Santa Ana, George and Richard Chiarini are actual rock stars. For almost 35 years, the brothers require operated Chiarini Marble & Stone, creating extreme-end custom architectural stonework much of the same kind with their father, George Sr., did in the sight of them. But that’s blameless one side of their intricately carved slab. The Chiarinis are also huge supporters of the incorporated town’s vibrant arts community, providing room, materials, tools and other assistance— including labor—to fellow stone artisans. “We’re carrying a tradition of craftsmanship into a new hundred,” says George, who, along through Richard, operates ArtHouse, affordable live/be in action spaces for new and emerging artists. The universal is so successful that the Chiarinis are things being so starting the program’s favor phase. “We see our patronage as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and materials,” says Richard. “Following design concepts at the same time that they evolve into three-dimensional works of duplicity is inspirational. It’s a strike, really, to see and be a dividend of.”

LX: Dream collaboration:

GC: Greek sculptor Phidias.

RC: John Saladino, in operation with both raw and finished elements forward personal style and scale.

LX: Current contrivance:

GC: There are several, but the nearest to be completed is a tilted, undulated wall in Italian travertine.

LX: Describe your home.

GC: Eclectic.

RC: 1937 Hollywood Regency. The library is my favorite room.

LX: Tools of the chaffer:

GC: Innovation, determination and endurance.

RC: Advanced machinery, a hammer and a chisel.

LX: What produce you collect?

GC: Contemporary marble cut.

LX: Dream dinner party guests:

RC: Jackie Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Scarlett Johansson and Constantin Brancusi.