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Video: Jay Leno drives his mostly original and unrestored 1950 Nash Ambassador

After going off-road and looking at the nearest generation of motorcycles, Jay Leno’s Garage is going 60 years into the more than to a simpler time with a for the greatest part original 1950 Nash Ambassador Custom. It ability not boast as much power for example the modern bikes, but Jay refers to this ride for example the “good old girl” for its genius to comfortably eat up the miles. Or a station to sleep, as Leno demonstrates.

While the two-energy combination of dark green and black doesn’t grab much attention, this Nash is a design-lovers castle in the air with partially hidden wheels on the aloud and a fastback that gives the sedan a absolutely attractive look from the rear. The one only integrated instrument dial inside is a correct touch, too. With a claimed 115 horsepower from its inline-six means and automatic transmission, the Ambassador isn’t going to get any races, but Jay clearly loves the car. He gives viewers a well stocked walkaround of the old gal, including a foot it up the lift to check out its largely pristine mechanical bits. If you’re craving for a look at a much earlier era of motoring, this video isn’t single to miss.